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Abel Birhanu Ethiopian Daily News 14 August 2021

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News update from Gonder, Debremarkos, Beneshangul, Afar and Humera. Also, Sudan mentioned to intercede the contention between the fear-based oppressor bunch TPLF and the national government, which resembles attempting to blend water in with the oil, the specialist expressed, adding that this is unsuitable as the gathering has effectively been assigned as a psychological militant for its appalling demonstrations by the House of People’s Representatives.

Along these lines, the Government of Ethiopia would not haggle with a fear-based oppressor bunch as it is likewise the act of a few nations across the world, he expounded. The specialist brought up that if Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, and South Sudan become prosperous, Ethiopia will likewise profit a great deal as well.

Besides, the analyst said, “the solicitation without help from anyone else is amazing as the Government of Sudan has effectively dispensed harm on Ethiopia by unlawfully possessing its regions and staying unbending to the calls being made by the Government of Ethiopia to keep up with the state of affairs.”

Zahid clarified that individuals of the two nations depict themselves as “sister nations”, focusing on the requirement for the current organization in Sudan to understand the interminable bond and endeavor to additional concrete this extremely former relationship.

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