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Abiyot Kassanesh Vs Melaku Belay

Dancing is a significant component of African culture and self-expression. It plays an important role in weddings and holiday celebrations. Food and dance are the mainstays of social gatherings. The majority of African dances incorporate movements of the lower body or the entire body. Ethiopia is home to more than 80 ethnic groups, each having their own distinct dance and music styles. Eskista is a one-of-a-kind dance found in Ethiopia. Eskista is a traditional Ethiopian dance from the Amhara area that is usually performed in a group by both men and women. Rolling the shoulder blades, bouncing the shoulders, and jilting the chest are all part of the dance. It’s usually set to traditional Ethiopian music, which is made up of instruments including the krar, flute, drums, and masinqo. Eskista is a regular sight at weddings, holiday festivities, and gatherings, as it is with all African dances. It is not uncommon for money to be given to the finest dancer. The money is glued to the dancer’s head.

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