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Abreham wolde and Makida donated 3 hundred thousand for mekedonia

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Mekedonia Home for the Elderly and Mentally Disabled is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of the elderly and mentally ill by providing all basic services to the center’s members (food, clothing, shelter, cleanliness, medical, educational, and other). assisting the disabled in developing their physical and mental capacities through encouragement and rehabilitation; providing all disabled and elderly people in the country with as much education, training, and work opportunities as possible; Assisting disabled and elderly people with the ability to obtain and maintain employment, as well as those with other needs, to fully participate in society’s daily activities. The Before and After stories are spine-chilling. ‘Mekedonia embraces those in severe need with an open heart, as a family, to give God’s love.’ People who were once hungry are now fed; those who were once naked are now clothed; those who were once physically and emotionally mistreated are now at peace; and those who were once hopeless are now living a life full of happy memories and hopes for the future. Many of our patients are bedridden and terminally sick, so they receive help with toileting, mobility, bathing, and other everyday chores.’ In the village we visited, there were 400 people. This is one of four communities on the island. They are planning to construct a third, which will incorporate a hospital.

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