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Actress Hana Yohannes Revealed 3 Secrets

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Ethiopian housemaid Mahlet is changing her name to Maha and cutting her first video slice resulting in exhibiting to her Iraqi manager that she can sing better contrasted with she can clean, reports AFP.

Three years after she passed on her neighborhood Ethiopia to work as a housemaid for undeniable Kurdish craftsman Halcout Zahir, the 20-year-older individual is practically an ordinarily perceived name in the northern self-administering space of Kurdistan.

Her break came when Iraq’s melodic miracle Dashni Murad – named the “Shakira of Kurdistan” – discovered her.

Murad was sitting in the maestro’s record studio clutching see Zahir when she heard Mahlet sing while simultaneously cleaning the house.

Mahlet’s voice enchanted her and she urged Zahir to evaluate the youngster.

“I mentioned that she sing for me and I couldn’t acknowledge my ears. Her voice is beautiful,” said Zahir.

The rest is history. Mahlet became Maha.

Zahir shaped the music while Iraqi craftsman Hama Hassan Ibrahim made the stanzas for Maha’s first video cut, which is a result of hitting the remote transmissions soon.

“Some bit of it is in Kurdish and the other part is in Amharic (Mahlet’s neighborhood tongue),” said Zahir.

The song uncovers Mahlet’s story: how a worker wandered from crushed Ethiopia to work as a housemaid in Iraqi Kurdistan … besides, a star was imagined.

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