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If you want to add a few unique details but aren’t sure where to start, go on Pinterest for personalized wedding inspiration. You can use this social networking app to seek for various wedding themes, styles, and DIY projects as well as to build a board of any pins you come across when looking for inspiration for personalized touches. You can use this tool to keep any wedding inspiration you come across and refer to it later on in your journey as a bride-to-be. You should start thinking about sending invitations to your guests as soon as you’ve decided on the wedding’s official date and location. Even if you’re planning a local wedding rather than a destination wedding, it’s ideal to let your preferred attendees know as soon as possible so that they may make appropriate plans and you can determine the approximate amount of guests to plan for for the remainder of the planning process. Everyone’s schedules and travel experiences have significantly changed during these historic times, so if your wedding is anticipated to be brief, be sure to account for this as well in your invite timeline. Remember that creating invitations can take time, so you might want to allow yourself extra time to collaborate with a designer and personalize your invitations. Additionally, you’ll need more time to make copies and double-check the spelling, font, and wedding date. This is especially important if you plan to add some individual details to your invitations to improve the appearance of your wedding card.

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