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Actress Mekdes Tsegaye’s speech

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It is a trust in one God’s exist of three consubstantial individuals (the Father, the Child, and the embodiment of God). The rule of Trinity is viewed as one of the focal Christian affirmations on God.


The secret of the manifestation clarifies one of the three consubstantial people “The small kid” or Jesus Christ “has been made of the textures” of the stomach of the most loved lady, the Virgin Mary. This incorporates that Jesus is absolutely God and complete man.

3-Mystery of immersion

The secret of immersion is the central affirmation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and the help of its favored stain. Since we acquire the simplicity vaguely of get-together because of a discernible execution, it was known as a secret. “The person who perceives and lowered will be saved, in any case, he makes a deal to avoid being condemned.” (John 19:34)

On Thursday, Jesus, Jesus made the secret of the Holy Cooperation at the last supper. “For likewise deliberately that you eat this bread and drink the cup, you make the shoe the section of the master until it comes” (1 Corinthian 11:26). The Eucharistic assistance to understand the relationship with God and the distance of our offense.

5-Mystery of the Resurrection

The secret of the Resurrection concerns the unending presence of people. We will reestablish after we fall flat in a hopeless way, as Christ did, which will occur at the subsequent that will happen to Christ. “Regardless, Christ has been raised the dead, the principle aftereffects of individuals who nodded off. For death to defeat a man, the reclamation of the dead gets through a man. For as in Adam, all pass, thus, in Christ, all that will be delivered alive once more.

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