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Addis Ababa Orthodox Youth spoke in front of the Patriarch

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The church bears the title ‘Menbere Tsebaot’, or ‘Unadulterated Altar’. The congregation compound is the internment place for the individuals who battled against the Italian Occupation, or the individuals who went with the Emperor into banish from 1936 to 1941. Head Haile Selassie and his associate the Empress Menen Asfaw are covered in the north transept of the basilica. Different individuals from the Imperial Family are covered in the sepulcher underneath the congregation.

The High Altar of the basilica is devoted to ‘Agaiste Alem Kidist Selassie’ (Sovereigns of the World the Holy Trinity). The other two raised areas in the Holy of Holies on one or the other side of the High Altar are devoted to St. John the Baptist and to ‘Kidane Meheret’ (Our Lady Covenant of Mercy). In the south transept of the basilica is an as of late added sanctuary of St. Michael, which houses the Tabot or Ark of St. Michael the Archangel, which was gotten back to Ethiopia in February 2002 subsequent to being found in Edinburgh.

This relic was taken by British powers from the mountain fortress of Magdalla in 1868 during their mission against Emperor Tewodros II. The basilica complex additionally incorporates the ‘Bunch Wold’ (Feast of God the Son) Church, which is otherwise called the Church of the Four Heavenly Creatures. This congregation filled in as the first Holy Trinity Monastery Church before the structure of the Cathedral and traces all the way back to the rule of Emperor Menelik II. Different offices incorporate an essential and an auxiliary school, a religious community and the Holy Trinity Theological College, a historical center and landmarks lodging the remaining parts of those slaughtered in Addis Ababa by the Italians in 1937 in light of a death endeavor against the Fascist Viceroy of Italian East Africa.

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