Addis Fiker Zebiba and Mesay New Ethiopian Music 2021

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    Addis Fiker New Ethiopian Music 2021(Official Video). Here are a couple of extracts from my film, Key to Immunity Part III, where yoga specialists talk about how they see it:

    Yoga master, Dr. Ananda Balayogi from Puducherry, says, “The Chitta (a piece of the psyche) is that subliminal, oblivious brain that is continually moving. The antiquated rishis said that the brain is a monkey, a tipsy one, and what’s more, is nibbled by a scorpion.

    Indeed, if that is the means by which the brain is continually moving, it’s whirlpooling the psyche mind. The two together drag you down, away from your objective even before you can flicker an eyelid.”

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