Adey Abeba stadium being built in Addis Ababa

The stand in the right corner of the stadium was known as “Abebe Bikila” since there was a store with the same name underneath stands on the external side, while the small portion immediately to the right of the main stand was known as “Kemeneshe.” The “Fasika Ber” stands to the left of the main stand were so named because of the advertisements that were placed in this area of the stadium. “Tesera” was the name of the area to the left of here. The term “Katanga” refers to the military men who used to occupy the stands across from the main one after returning from peacekeeping missions in Katanga, DRC. It’s fun to imagine and build stadiums, sports complexes, and recreation centers as community hubs where people will congregate. However, they are also functional structures. Owners should take the same care when designing these facilities as they would when designing an office or distribution facility. Property is more than only a plot of land on a map. It’s a true location with true traits, some of which are wonderful and occasionally terrible. For instance, the Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field is located on a square block in a congested residential area on the north side of the city. For years, fans have been annoyed by the terrible traffic on game days and the scarcity of parking.

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