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Consider how certain jokes might go well with others as you write them in order to construct a rough order for them to be performed in. Then you may turn this into a comedic routine. You can start performing in front of audiences once you have written a few jokes and have put them together into an act. Attending open mics where you can sign up to perform with other comics, for instance, is one of the best ways to practice comedy performance. Even though many of these performances won’t be paid, you can learn a lot from them about which jokes work well and which you might want to change or eliminate from your act. You can hone performance abilities like comedic timing and public speaking with its aid. As you participate in performances to hone your act, try to develop a following of admirers of your work. This may improve your chances of connecting with other businesspeople in the industry and help you build a reputation in the local comedy scene. Making social media profiles, for instance, where you can share performance recordings and promote upcoming performances, is one way to gain a following. Additionally, you can make email newsletters and email lists to inform people about upcoming performances. Start looking for an agent once you are comfortable with your performance and act. While some comedians are able to land paying gigs without agents, having one may improve your employment prospects. This is due to the fact that agents frequently have access to auditions and performance opportunities that are closed to the general public. Numerous agents also have broad professional networks that they can use to link comedians with other actors, directors, and producers who might be interested in their work or performances.

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