Adey or Bemnet Mulugeta is going to be a mother

Most new mothers enter parenting with certain expectations. How they’ll feel, what they’ll be like as a mother, and even what the kid will be like. However, your conception of parenthood and the reality of being a parent will probably diverge significantly. You won’t mind if a baby cries. You won’t get sick from poop. In actuality, you’ll discover a lot about yourself and parenting in the first few weeks. however when my son is hungry, my extreme social anxiety disappears. I’ll pull out my boob and feed him at a restaurant, store, or church. I could care less. I was unaware of how frequently babies ate or that I wouldn’t mind changing his soiled diapers. How I’m able to leave the house and spend time with him. Although the first few times were challenging, I’m starting to get the hang of it and have noticed he truly enjoys going on adventures with me. I wasn’t expecting my maternal impulses to surface. Sincerely, I’ve never been and still don’t like babies. But it’s totally different with my boy. I adore him in every way, and it just seems natural to me. I was terrified because I felt I was going to change into someone else magically. Nope. I’m still the same, but now I have a gorgeous child who I love more than I ever imagined.

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