Adey’s father gash Tadesse(Solomon Tesfaye) showing his dancing skill

Although it’s impossible to list them all here, some of the greatest advantages of dancing are The ability to express oneself through dance, The dance fosters a sense of community, and dancing is calming and refreshing for the body and mind. Dancers find inspiration and motivation as they lose themselves in the dance, dancing is a form of exercise, and dancing allows professional dancers to form affiliations. Laughter and fun dancing can provide a lot of entertainment. Of course, there are times when people just want to start the party. They wish to unwind and blend in with the music. They might be dancing or snapping their fingers while clapping. It’s irrelevant! They exist solely to merge with the music. People can express their feelings at any time by dancing. Anyone who has seen a mother sway around her home with her child safely tucked in her arms knows she is having a moment of intense love for her child while exercising a tender embrace while engrossed in the dance. It’s easy to see that a couple is deeply in love with one another when they are dancing to a slow song, smiling and looking into each other’s eyes. This is true whether the couple is in lust or love. In addition, dance is an artistic expression because it stirs our emotions. For instance, many people find it emotionally appealing when a girl pirouettes across a stage while performing ballet. Some people are happy and cry with joy when they see a woman dancing slowly in the arms of the man she loves. Breakdancing involves fluid movement, which makes the audience cheer.

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