Adjusting to a new place was a bit challenging

Yohanes Zewdu was raised in Ethiopia without shoes or clean clothes. He had grown up wanting to play professional football before he immigrated to the United States as a teenager. He had no idea that, in time, he would be living the glitz and glamour of a sports superstar without ever setting foot on the field. Yohanes currently goes by the stage name “Johnny Vegas” and runs Kloudout, which he refers to as a “global lifestyle management company.” When they are prepared to travel and take a vacation, we plan and organize it for them. Because they don’t have as much time to plan and do their due diligence, it is our responsibility to ensure that they are stress-free and worry-free.
That’s where my company and I step in; we’ll make sure that everything is convenient and simple for them. We essentially just make their lives a lot simpler. It is safe to say that Johnny is leading a luxurious lifestyle, whether it be traveling in a private jet, going out with football players, or unwinding on a yacht.
My mother was working hard to make ends meet while I was living with her in Ethiopia while my father was studying in Russia. I was alone at the time. We lived in a house the size of a closet that could only accommodate eight people, I grew up on the streets without shoes, and my clothes were torn.

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