After all this time if he does these 5 things he doesn’t love you

Alright, enough of struggling with a problem and picking petals off of roses to find the solution. It’s time to discover the unmistakable truth and identify the telltale symptoms that he no longer loves you. Together, you had innumerable intimate moments, helped one another overcome obstacles in life, and created many priceless memories. As a result, when a loved one begins to drift off from you, it can be extremely painful. Your partner’s abrupt distance from you could leave you wondering where and what went wrong. Additionally, it would be beneficial if you could clearly identify where you fit into their lives. You spent days and hours conversing, experiencing joyful/sad times together. Lack of communication is one of the most reliable indicators of a failing relationship. This can take the form of him avoiding you at all costs or simply not seeming to want to communicate or share anything with you. He tries to interrupt you and end the call by claiming he is busy or by making up a reason not to continue the conversation. Not only does his body language and eye contact look off, but his verbal communication may also be lacking. He stops sharing anything with you, becomes quiet and aloof, and appears to be sealing himself off. It seems like the candor and hours of nonstop conversation are fading, and you can’t tell what’s going through his head. While it’s possible that this diminished communication and withdrawal are only temporary.

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