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Age shouldn’t matter in a relationship

Many celebrity couples have defied the age-gap cliche and refused to let time stand in the way of their love. While the usual societal expectation is for the woman in a relationship to be younger than the male, many of us, like our idols, have discovered love with a much younger or older spouse. When the woman in such unions is older than the man, the equation tends to be perceived in a fresh light. They’ve been together for twenty years. They’ve been together for a long time and are deeply in love. He’s 55 and still works; she’s 75 and a retired pediatrician in good health. Nussbaum is positively beaming as he recounts the benefits of being associated with an older woman, specifically Olivia, over a meal of Chinese food. Nussbaum, who has been divorced twice, claims to have developed a habit of trying to instruct women his age or younger how to conduct their lives. It might be thrilling to fall in love with a lady who is 10, 15, 20, or even 30 years older than you. Some observers believe that these so-called age-gap partnerships, in which the woman is the senior partner, are more acceptable now than in the past.

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