Akucha and his mother on Seifu EBS

There might be a lot of pressure from the outside world to change who you are when it comes to being yourself. You must always be true to who you are from the inside out if you want to succeed in a culture that is continuously changing. You are more likely to have a fulfilling life when you have a strong sense of who you are and the boundaries you have established. You risk being pushed around and ending up on a dirt path if you don’t know yourself and set those boundaries. Either you choose the wide way or the narrow path, you can proceed. Either you may have the fortitude to stay true to who you are throughout the years, or you can conform to what life wants you to be. Being continually distracted and influenced by the media and society’s way of life makes it difficult to establish a strong sense of self. But being yourself is the first step if you want to live up to your full potential. Knowing your principles and your core beliefs is essential to being authentic. You will adopt the views and values of others when you are not being who you are. At this point, you start to adopt the assumptions and viewpoints of others. You will live in accordance with your own values and beliefs once you are aware of your own ideals and the reasons behind your actions. You are creating your own sense of identity when you are able to create a strong basis for who you are. You will always know who you are, no matter what occurs in your life. There will be times when you may feel lost or diverted, but if you have a strong sense of who you are, you can regain your bearings. You run the risk of quickly conforming and losing yourself if you don’t build your own personality.

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