Alemayehu Tadesse said he knows nothing about the press release from national theatre

Alemayehu Tadesse asserted that he is unaware of the national theatre’s press statement. There isn’t a test you can take to see if you’ve met your soul mate or not. You must have a gut instinct that this individual is the one for you. Although it may sound cliché, you’ll understand what we mean after you experience that emotion. They should make you feel energised, at ease enough to fully open up, and absolutely euphoric with love. Of all, everyone experiences connections differently, and emotions can evolve over time. The best basis for every relationship is friendship, therefore why do you think so many romantic comedies feature two BFFs who fall in love? If you and your SO have a strong, mutually beneficial friendship, that is an incredible sign. Being with your soul mate makes you feel at home wherever you are in the world. When they are by your side, you can’t help but feel at rest and at ease. Your significant other should make you feel at peace because you spend so much time together. Initially, there will undoubtedly be butterflies and jitters, but once you get to know one another, it should feel completely normal. You sort of feel each other’s emotions, so when they fail a test, you might as well have failed it. You are upset when you witness their distress, but you also share in each other’s joy. Nobody loves their significant other more than you do, and nothing makes you happier than seeing them thrive. If your SO doesn’t appreciate you for who you are, they probably aren’t your soul match because a relationship can’t exist without respect. Your soulmate should take an interest in your thoughts and feelings rather than dismiss them. They ought to love you, respect you, and act nicely toward you at all times.

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