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Alemneh Wase BeZehabesha on Getachew Reda’s interview on BBC Hardtalk

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Ethiopia News – Zehabesha News, Alemneh Wase BeZehabesha on Getachew Reda’s meeting on BBC Hardtalk. Though, as a feature of their proceeded with trashing and misrepresentation framings on Ethiopia, the global media appear to possibly accept this current announcement of the underhanded collusion when it emerged from the fear-based oppressor bunches straight from the original source.’

Generally, TPLF and Shene were unpleasant political enemies, when especially the fear-based oppressor TPLF was in power. It’s undeniably true that for individuals of Oromia the fear-monger TPLF was a merciless gathering that imprisoned numerously and killed the Oromo youth and vocal pundits of the framework during the previous 27 years.

Flourishing Party Oromia Branch Public Relations Head, Taye Dendea is a living observer who noticed the killing of numerous Oromos and the relocation of a large portion of 1,000,000 Oromos. He also was tossed to prison for quite a long time by the TPLF-drove system in light of his political perspectives.

While this terrorizing and monstrosities occurred, Shene never really saved the existence of the Oromo. What’s more, presently it has told the whole world that it has made collusion with TPLF for its political additions. In such a manner, we should not fail to remember TPLF tormented, uprooted, and killed numerous Oromos marking them as individuals from Shene. Following the declaration of the collusion, individuals of Oromia have been condemning this ruinous union.

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