Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Alemtsehay Wedajo’s Speech

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Craftsman Alemtsehay Wedajo Speech, Taitu Cultural Center Addis Ababa. We have seen the enduring individuals and finding an answer is significant, Dione expressed, adding that taking care of the issue of safety, issues of admittance to consumable water, and different administrations, are essential.

Tigray Interim Administration CEO, Mulu Nega, and his bureau individuals have advised agents of the World Bank Group about the current circumstance in Tigray today.

The CEO said the district has confronted compassionate, social, and monetary emergencies following the assault executed by TPLF.

He noticed that enormous harm has been caused from families to the organization level which needs more consideration. This difficult should be tended to in the area by all entertainers, Mulu pushed.

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