All has passed and I have reach here

Sometimes we act in a certain way just because it seems right, other times it is the only thing that makes sense, and if not us then who, since it is our duty to take care of others. Sometimes our love, devotion, and care come effortlessly from us, and other times they are ripped from us with an agony that is similar to giving birth to our children. Even on the best days, motherhood requires sacrifice. Your time, money, comfort, sleep, and sanity are all gone. On a good day, you’re willing to sacrifice everything for the little ones you’ve made, who fill your heart to the brim and make your jaw tight. On a terrible day, when they continue to demand even after you have nothing left to offer. Although I find this topic to be uncomfortable, I have come to realise that it is accurate. When a woman has a baby, her job must suffer. I can delve much deeper into this one, but let’s keep things simple for now. I am a career lady who has put in a lot of effort to climb the corporate ladder. My career suffered when I had my child because of how differently I was viewed at work. No, I didn’t let my performance slip, but working mothers have a bad reputation. For now, that is all. Any remnant of time can be said to be gone. These days, I consider myself lucky if I have time to wash my hair in the shower.

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