All I want to know is when am I getting better

Find techniques to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones in order to cultivate a more optimistic outlook. Reduce the number of exaggerated claims and look for answers. For instance, try expressing, “Because I haven’t done well on previous math tests, I will study harder,” as opposed to, “I always fail my math tests.” Your life can be significantly improved by positive thinking. As you learn to see the positive aspects of every circumstance, your daily routine, friends, and ambitions will all become more appealing. Count your blessings to help you think more optimistically. Jot down everything that makes your life and the people in it wonderful. You’ll feel happier as you proceed with your day after doing this. Consider the best-case situation as opposed to the worst-case one. According to experts, listening to music can lift your spirits and reduce stress. Use this tension as a cue to play a music you enjoy in an attempt to counteract any negative feelings you may be experiencing. If you play upbeat music whenever you sense yourself getting down, you’ll get into the habit of doing so, which will improve your attitude. Find fresh music on a regular basis. You can combat boredom and widen your horizons by introducing more diversity into your life through broadening your musical tastes. Friend groups can also be impacted by boredom. Try going somewhere new if you find yourself hanging out with the same folks in the same spots every week. You can almost always count on having a nice time with your friends if the company is good, regardless of the

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