All I wish for my children is better education

Every child has the right to an education because it has the capacity to transform lives, even the most underprivileged children in the world. Breaking the cycle of poverty, promoting children’s survival, growth, development, and well-being, and reducing social inequality can all be accomplished with the help of education. A person’s earnings can rise by 10% on average for every additional year of education. The number of avoidable fatalities can be significantly decreased with knowledge of hygiene and illness prevention. Future generations are also greatly impacted by the education of girls since children of educated moms are far more likely to attend school than children of mothers with little to no education. The greatest method to convey the value of education to a child is to set a good example, expose them to educational resources, foster a learning environment in the home, discuss the value of education with them, and provide them opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned. You set the example as the adult by making sure kids understand that they are expected to succeed in life and that education will be the means by which they will do so. Your best tools are your behavior and expectations. It’s difficult to find a work, especially in difficult economic times. For a job opening, you frequently have to outbid hundreds of other applicants. In addition, more people apply for the same entry-level job with low compensation the less education they have. However, you will improve your chances of finding a rewarding job if you have the necessary credentials and educational background. Do you want to distinguish yourself from the other applicants? Learn, educate yourself, gain a degree, and acquire as many credentials, abilities, know-how, and experiences as you can.

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