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All my life I have been in a constant struggle

Unexpected twists and turns abound in life. You may feel disoriented or rattled, as if the earth under you is no longer secure, when faced with challenges like illness, death, divorce, job loss, failure, or other painful and challenging life events. There will always be difficult periods in life, and throughout these difficult times, both your mental and emotional health will be put to the test. Some people give up at the first indication of difficulty and can experience tension for a long time. Instead of overcoming their difficulties, they simply search for a way out. However, there are those people who can overcome any obstacle life presents them with. They have a remarkable talent for recovering from losses and overcoming obstacles, and they take on. These individuals can be identified by their determination to persevere when others begin to falter. This perseverance necessitates the development of mental toughness—the capacity to accept discomfort and uncertainty while negotiating a course of action. They can handle challenging events by maintaining their composure. They are prepared to look for solutions and resume their course. They do not allow setbacks to stop them from achieving their goals. Instead, they maintain their focus and make excellent plans. “Mental toughness” is the ability to persevere in the face of difficulty. The term “mental toughness” is widely used informally to refer to any collection of empowering mental qualities that facilitate a person’s ability to deal with challenging circumstances.

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