All profession is important for a country…I want my kids to be great Ethiopians

Everybody has a different definition of success. Success is something that everyone aspires to have, whether that means having a wonderful career, a home, or a family. When you do succeed in achieving your goals, it makes you feel good, increases your motivation to work hard, and demonstrates that you have had an impact in a cutthroat society. Make a list of what success means to you and your family before you define success for yourself. Then, follow up with specific actions you can take to make that success a reality. For instance, if having a high-paying career is your definition of success, you might consider taking additional academic or professional development courses. Alternatively, if you believe that a talent, such as writing, can succeed if it is developed, you might consider setting daily or weekly writing goals. You can find motivation to pursue success by being committed. Make a list that includes your objective, your level of dedication to it, and the steps you are prepared to take to get there. It’s important to remain committed to your plan. Setting aside at least 15 minutes each day to reflect on and work toward your plan is beneficial. This will help you stay focused on your goal and keep it fresh in your mind. Consider the tiny steps required to succeed, rather than concentrating only on the outcomes of your efforts. Reaching your goal will become a new adventure every day if you allow yourself to take pleasure in small victories along the way. You will also be more likely to stay on course. By doing this, you’ll discover interesting new information along the way that can help you develop personally.

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