All this happened because of love

Seeing a family member we care about struggle with their mental health is difficult. We must always tell the person we care about of our affection because our support is of great value to them. The key is communication. It’s crucial to let your family member express themselves while also offering your opinions and views. We may want to step in and solve the issue with our family, but we must work with our loved one to come up with coping mechanisms and sensible solutions. We desire for them to feel capable. You may avoid making assumptions by actively listening. You can make sure you are listening correctly and convey that you are trying to comprehend what they are going through by summarizing and rephrasing what your loved one has said. This gives your loved one the chance to explain themselves if you don’t comprehend what they’re saying.
When discussing any sensitive subject with a friend, “I” expressions are an essential tool. These phrases enable you to voice your concern and accept your own emotions without coming across as judgmental. They promote dialogue and problem-solving. Many family members simply need and want someone to talk to who will listen when they need help. Allow your loved one to talk freely and express their desires. Avoid interjecting. In order to get additional information so you may better support them, ask open-ended questions that just need a brief response. Decide on a flexible time. Even if the talk might not go long, make sure neither of you has an instant commitment after it. The conversation shouldn’t have to come to an end.

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