Amazing kids with comedian Eshetu. “She watches it on her phone”

It’s no secret that children enjoy amusing jokes. While some imaginative children can come up with their own ideas, they usually need to borrow something. And we could all use a laugh during this crazy time. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of amusing, kid-friendly jokes ranging from birthday jokes to pirate jokes to holiday jokes to animal jokes.

When you and your child need a good laugh, crack up with these clean jokes for kids. The chuckles from children’s jokes are contagious.

Kids have the most incredible imaginations; they can convert any household object into a play, and they can use any wall or piece of furniture as a painting. That might be a huge pain for parents – but don’t worry, kids can also be rather amusing!

Kids can do some really funny things without even realizing it, and luckily for us, their parents are there to record it. These photographs will brighten your day with everything from terrible clothing to humorous exam answers.

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