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Amazing work by the Artist

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Exactly when you talk about Ethiopian Rap/Hip Hop, these are people who have given us its genuine importance.

To be a skilled worker, especially in Ethiopia, is a problematic task to embrace.

One ought to be committed to the spot of obsession with their work.

Love of making undeniably the best works is the indication of a truly remarkable skilled worker.

Ethiopian Hip Hop Battle Rap

Battle Rap is a tolerably new miracle hitting the streets of Addis Ababa, and really has been securing unmistakable quality, with the gatherings, similarly as the quantity of Ethiopian battle rappers extending step by step.

Rapper Karo Israel, one of the key pioneers and casually appointed leader of battle rap, is driving the way, organizing shows and that is only the start.

It is our assumption that the going with overview shines a light for all of those persisting Ethiopian Hip Hop trained professionals and rappers that legitimacy the honor of being 10 of the best Ethiopian rappers/Hip Hop experts in 2021.

Lin Michael, in any case called FAF is seen as one of Ethiopian Hip Hop’s first initiators.

He began his occupation with melodic shows composed by establishments of higher learning by then continued to DJ.

He found achievement as a DJ and got a name for himself.

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