Ambassador Dina Mufti on Seifu show

Seifu on EBS – Interview with the service of international concerns of Ethiopia, Dina Mufti with have Seifu Fantahun. As per the Ethiopian media Authority, Ethiopia has given admonitory letters to four overall media houses, CNN, BBC, Reuters, and Associated Press. While giving the letters, the Ethiopian Media Authority said, in giving licenses of activities for columnists, it expects that they would not compose reports that would jeopardize the tranquil conjunction of the residents, Ethiopia’s public interests, or its regional uprightness.

It added that since the beginning of the law requirement activity in the Northern locale of Ethiopia by the Federal government the Ethiopian Media Authority has been observing various unfamiliar news sources and leading a pattern examination of the announcing designs on the issues. Tragically the power finds, Reuters, BBC, CNN, and Associated Press as a portion of the standard news associations that have dispersed news that planted seeds of enmity among individuals and the compromised sway of the country.

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