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Ambassador Redwan’s response on US comment about Tigray region

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The reaction from Ambassador Redwan about the remarks made by the US secretary of state on the current circumstance in the Tigray district. Talking at the 10th year remembrance of the day with all executives of Standing Committees of the House of People’s Representative, including the Ethio-Japan Friendship Committee.

Diplomat Takako stretched out her appreciation to individuals of Ethiopia for remaining with individuals of Japan around then.

She clarified that individuals and administration of Ethiopia have communicated their companionship for Japan by expanding sincere sorrow and contributing 5.4 million Birr during the time.

The diplomat added that Ethiopia and Japan will stay genuine companions consistently. Unfamiliar Relation and Peace Affairs Standing Committee administrator, Negeri Lencho said the help of Ethiopia during the Tsunami episode is one of the models that shows the agreeable tie between the two nations.

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