American reality show contestant Beniyam has won MMA this week

Biniyam and Ariela were able to walk down the aisle! In the 90 Day Fiancé episode airing on Sunday, the pair wed in a touching ceremony witnessed by Ariela’s family and seen digitally by Biniyam’s family in Ethiopia. Since meeting one another in Ethiopia, having their darling son Avi, and eventually relocating to New Jersey to be nearer to Ariela’s family and so that Biniyam could follow his dream of being an MMA fighter, the couple has gone through many highs and lows. On Sunday’s episode, Biniyam and Ariela were married despite both of them having expressed worries about whether their love could endure significant challenges like learning to communicate with one another and holding disparate religious beliefs. Before the ceremony, Biniyam and Ariela’s father, Fred, shared a touching moment as she clipped his hair. He requested Fred’s hand in marriage, and Fred agreed. Given his Ethiopian Orthodox Christian faith, Biniyam did have some misgivings about getting married in a Jewish temple, but he also pointed out that since Ariela allowed Avi to become baptized, he had to make a sacrifice for her. Ariela claimed that although Wish and Mimi don’t get along, she first didn’t want to ask them to even watch the ceremony remotely because she knew it would make Biniyam happy to see his family represented. In a Zoom conversation with his family, Biniyam acknowledged that he was “lonely,” but they reassured him that they were with him and that they loved him.

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