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Amhara Special Pillar Another Great Victory News

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The TPLF got back to the locale’s capital, Mekelle, on Monday to cheering groups. Their return was trailed by a one-sided assertion of a truce by the national government, a move excused by TPLF representative Getachew Reda as a “joke”.


Sunday’s assertion said the TPLF would acknowledge a truce on a fundamental level if there were ironclad assurances of no further attacks, yet a progression of different conditions would be met before any arrangement could be formalized.


“Attacking powers from Amhara and Eritrea should pull out from Tigray and get back to their pre-war regions,” it said.


Different conditions are helpful, including the circulation of help and the protected re-visitation of Tigray of dislodged individuals.


There was no prompt remark from the head administrator’s representative and the executive of the public authority team set up to organize the security activity in Tigray.


Legitimizing TPLF


Al Jazeera’s Catherine Soi, detailing from Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, said one of the most unacceptable conditions was the reclamation of what Addis Ababa considers the revolutionary government in Tigray.


“We have not heard from the Ethiopian government … it will be hard to acknowledge a portion of these requests. For instance, by legitimizing the TPLF as an administration of Tigray, the [central] government will concede rout,” she said.

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