An amazing time with Ethiopian artists from America

Ethiopia is a country that pays close attention to the affairs of its diaspora. Ethiopia, like many other countries, has a lot to say about the Diaspora, but there are three essential factors to consider.
The first argument is from the government’s responsibilities to its residents, both inside and outside of the country. The second key reason is because the internationally recognized “Diaspora Option” is seen as a significant possibility for the country’s development and democracy.

The Diaspora Option is a method of coordinating the Diaspora’s full participation in national development and good governance. Third, it is critical to adjust to the political environment in the international community. The effort of integrating Ethiopians into their home nation has become a global reality with the emergence of the cross-border citizenship concept, the expansion of social media and the flow of ideas, and the progression of the second and third generation’s political ideals. The Ethiopian Diaspora Agency was established to help Ethiopians living abroad understand their country’s national and international circumstances.

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