An example of not judging a book by its cover

After a client said she was racially profiled and handcuffed while shopping at a store in Tennessee, Victoria’s Secret dismissed the employee. The woman claims she returned to the shop to have a security sensor taken out of a product she had previously purchased. She returned it on Monday after explaining what happened and including the receipt. She was able to locate the correct receipt among the receipts and take out the sensor. I informed her that I would be leaving to go shopping and that she could keep the bag there. She saw a Collierville Police officer in the store as she was making her way to try the items on. The policeman approached me directly and handcuffed me. I’m not sure if one of the parents of the students I teach was able to attend. I doubt that one of my former professors was in there. The officer allegedly led her out of the store and informed her that she had been banned after vigorously checking her luggage and realising she wasn’t shoplifting. I’m crying and traumatised at this point. When Cage complained to the corporate office, the employee she dealt with allegedly offered her a $100 gift card and apologised, but she declined. They’ll have to exert themselves more. I seek justice for everyone, not just for myself. After this, I hope other racial profiling victims will come forward.

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