An interview between artist Biniyam and tiktoker Bambi

Your mother is probably just as thrilled about your wedding as you are—and for good cause! After all, she’s been planning this day since you were born. It’s a big day for her, too, whether you’ve planned every detail with her by your side, taken her dress shopping with you, or want her to be as astonished as your guests when she steps into your reception. While moments like walking down the aisle and father-daughter dances are typically organized with dad in mind, we believe mom deserves to be recognized as well. Even if your mother is the only one who knows how to assist you put on your wedding gown and juggle all those buttons, make sure to show her the finished product once you’re dressed and well accessorized. Grab your photographer (and tissues!) and capture the joyous tears and smiles, as well as some nice mother-daughter photographs that will look great framed in her living room. A small symbol of your affection, together with a thoughtful note, is an excellent way to honor everything she’s done for you while marking the day. You may choose an accessory to match her MOB gown or something you know she’ll wear on a daily basis. You may even treat her to a mother-daughter spa day so the two of you can relax together once the thrill has subsided.

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