An interview with actress Yetinayet mother of four

You must have accomplished many difficult tasks throughout your life, but if you recently became a mother, you are aware that they pale in comparison to the demands of motherhood. For first-time mothers, being a mother is a daunting task. You’ll get worn out chasing after your kids for every little task. From the moment of conception, you are your child’s sole source of support. You are her caregiver, nurse, best friend, and most important person in the world. You place so much importance on that little one, so it’s difficult not to feel under pressure. You are now responsible for your child’s emotional and intellectual development in addition to her physical health. Your child will look up to you to teach her how to survive in the world by herself. Don’t worry; just follow your gut and do what you and your child find to be the best course of action. Here are some characteristics of a good mother in general that you can use as a benchmark on your path to becoming one: A good mother is one who is patient. Children try to explore and learn about the world as they get older. They can also be fairly careless at times as they explore or try out new things. So please be patient; don’t yell at them if they start painting the walls with their artwork or splatter milk all over your favorite rug. Try to unwind by taking a few deep breaths. Being patient benefits you and your kids because they will imitate the traits you and your partner exhibit.

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