An interview with artist Asefa G/michael

You know that this is what you’re intended to do if you’ve ever tried something different in your life or taken a break from performing. You live and breathe acting; it’s what keeps you motivated. From the rooftops, shout it. It’s time to advance your skillset, even if you’ve studied acting for years. Believe me when I say that you haven’t learned everything there is to know. “You are not performing at your best.” Work on any lingering issues with your audition approaches, scene study, learning a new dialect, and your flexibility with improv workshops. Return to class, improve, and become more focused. And what about that? re-enter the actor’s uncomfortable feelings mode. Instead of concentrating on becoming the richest or most well-known actor, strive to be the best actor you can be. Whether they are agents, acting coworkers, or other students, we all want to surround ourselves with individuals who have excellent goals, exude great energy, and function effectively as a team. But occasionally the slow, challenging seasons can erode our connections. Reestablish a positive working connection with your agents. “Stop harboring resentment toward your career. Start going in there with a positive mindset and working hard.

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