An interview with artist Maramawit and singer Tomi

You want to make a nice first impression when you message a female for the first time. But common greetings like “hello” or “how are you?” won’t make you stand out from the pack. There are a ton of amusing, intelligent ways to start a conversation, whether you’re texting or conversing in person. Before you start your talk, you can choose from a selection of amusing quotes, probing questions, and other conversation starters that we’ve put up. Start the conversation with a lighthearted yet challenging query that makes her think deeply. then follow the conversation to see where it goes! The question “Would you rather reside in a mansion with your greatest enemy or live in a crummy apartment with your best friend?” could result in an amusing, engaging discussion. Would you rather have two noses or just one eye? or “Would you prefer to nibble on an entire lemon or a raw potato?” could also be entertaining conversation starters. In the event that zombies ever take over the world, ask her about her escape plans and survival techniques. Then tell her about your strategy for surviving. As you both point out the glaring problems and shortcomings with one other’s strategies, you’ll both laugh a lot together. Try include a pun or joke in your opening message to see how she reacts. If she thinks your puns are clever enough, continue using them in your subsequent communications.

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