An interview with artist Yigerem Dejene

There is no doubting that playing a game on a smartphone or popping a DVD in the player can easily divert a child’s attention while his parents are looking after smaller siblings or enjoying a much-needed break. Despite the possibility that this is the case, parents should be aware that children are easily exposed to entertainment media due to its widespread availability and lack of sufficient supervision. Today’s kids spend an average of seven hours a day in front of screens, including televisions, computers, smart phones, and tablet computers, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. A child’s development and general well-being may be negatively impacted by excessive screen time, despite the fact that some screen time can be informative. The brain develops quickly throughout the first two years of life. At this crucial age, children learn best by connecting with others, playing, and exploring. Time away from screens promotes sound physical and social growth. Limit daily screen use to no more than two hours. This encompasses all electronic gadgets, not just television. If the change appears challenging, having diversions like coloring books, puzzles, and craft items on hand will assist. To promote interaction, set aside special family time to go for a stroll or play a board game.

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