An interview with Chernet Negash from Laida movie

Any person who wants to pursue a career as an actor should take acting technique very seriously. It all comes down to preparation if you want your audience to buy into the role you are playing. However, using this technique will enable you to make a written character or script come to life. Every actor strives to create a complete, three-dimensional character with a backstory. I have to have faith that you are a real person and not just a cardboard cutout for the sake of the audience. I have to believe everything you say and that you are not reciting or spouting. This starts even before you start rehearsing. Make sure you understand what you believe the play and your character to be about. By doing this, you’ll be prepared to choose your character’s actions once rehearsal starts. Making up a backstory for your character is crucial. You should be aware that your selection is a reflection of your suitability for the role. In order for the audience to believe you when you enter the stage, draw confidence from that while remaining focused on your role. Particularly if you don’t have a lot of speaking opportunities, how you present yourself physically is an important part of conveying character. Consider your character’s physicality and level of self-awareness as well as the way he or she moves and makes gestures. Include this in your presentation. When the audience takes note of your posture, clothing, or hair, a connection has been successfully established. The next time you perform, keep these things in mind.

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