An interview with comedian Sintayehu Kifle

The career of a comedian may be both fulfilling and difficult, bringing unusual possibilities and experiences. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the trip of the comedian might vary significantly depending on their style, course in life, and other factors. Making stuff: Comedians invest a lot of effort in creating and perfecting their stuff. This entails coming up with jokes, writing them, and attempting various humorous tenors and styles. Many comedians get their ideas from their own life experiences as well as their observations of society, the news, and daily life. Early in their careers, comedians frequently perform at open mic events and smaller comedy clubs to test their material and hone their stage presence.

Handling Hecklers and Difficult crowds: For comedians, dealing with hecklers and difficult crowds is a necessary rite of passage. It’s crucial to develop the ability to manage interruptions and find the humour in challenging circumstances. Rejection and Resilience: A comedian’s road frequently involves rejection. Comedians need to grow a thick skin and maintain perseverance to keep following their vocation, despite having their jokes rejected and having disappointing auditions. Travelling & Touring: Well-known comedians frequently go on tour and give performances in several towns and even nations. Although it may be exhilarating, this also entails a busy schedule and time spent away from home.
Comedy Writing: In addition to performing, comedians may also write comedy for a variety of venues, including television, film, or the internet.

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