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An interview with journalist Beshatu Tolemariam

Beshatu Tolemariam Multimedia is a media, advertising, and art enterprise based in Ethiopia. The business aspires to give quality, creativity, and professionalism to the country. A baby shower is a gift-giving event or a ceremonial occasion known by various names in various cultures. It celebrates the birth or upcoming birth of a child, as well as a woman’s metamorphosis into a mother. The term “shower” is frequently misunderstood to suggest that “gifts” would be “showered” on the expectant mother. The word “bridal shower” is supposed to have originated from the habit of placing gifts inside a parasol, which when opened “showered” the bride-to-be with gifts. Traditional baby showers are solely for the family’s first child, and only women are invited; however, this has altered in recent years, allowing showers to be divided into several categories. Investigative journalism is critical in underdeveloped countries where maladministration and corruption are prevalent. However, as presenters at a recent investigative journalism conference in Ethiopia pointed out, this is still a young profession in these countries, with skill levels straining to keep up with demand. A journalist looks at the state of investigative journalism in her country. Aside from conflicts, natural calamities, and violations of human rights, the country is plagued by corruption, smuggling, criminality, land grabbing, and inadequate administration. The lack of collaboration from government agencies such as the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission, parliament, and police has made investigative journalists’ jobs tough.

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