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Does having butterflies in your stomach, giggles that make you feel happy, and electric jolts signify you have a crush on someone or are you just genuinely into them as a friend? Don’t worry if you’re feeling quite perplexed. We’re here to support you while you work through your emotions and determine whether the person on your mind is simply a friend or whether anything more sinister may be occurring. “A burning want to be with someone who you find exceptionally attractive and extremely special,” according to Urban Dictionary, describes a crush. Crushes cause you to experience bizarre feelings, such as being both shy and deliriously excited at the same time. You can pick how you respond once you realize you have a crush on someone, even though you can’t always choose who you have feelings for. By doing this, you can decide the appropriate course of action, such as whether to keep your sentiments to yourself or express them to your crush. To determine how strongly you are crushing on that special someone, read the parts that follow. Pay attention to how you’re acting physically. Take note of your automatic responses while your crush is nearby. People will react in different ways, and most of the time they do so unconsciously. Typically, when you have a crush, one of two things happens: either you become incredibly quiet and tongue-tied, or you become incredibly talkative and outgoing. The Shy Response: When your crush is present, do you suddenly have the need to curl up into a ball? Do you constantly flush and find it difficult to look away from that unexpectedly fascinating bit of dirt on the ground? Do you suddenly feel as though you lack any amusing or insightful things to say? All of these responses demonstrate your liking for the subject. The Exiting Response: Do you suddenly want to tease your potential love interest? Do you find yourself suddenly wanting to talk a lot while they are there because you want their attention? These are all indications of a crush. Just be careful not to embarrass your crush if you behave in this way; if you tease them excessively, they might not want to hang out with you.

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