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An interview with Ustazah Abubeker about his car

Crime, in Jordan’s words, “is a reality.” Every day, victims or potential victims are chosen from among people. You must be responsible for your own protection if you want to avoid being a victim. Although there are no certainties, consciously directing your thoughts and actions towards crime prevention and self-defense might help reduce the likelihood that you will suffer a fatality. The finest kind of self-defense, according to an adage in the martial arts community, is avoiding situations where you would need to defend yourself. An engaged mind and body are necessary to stop crime from happening. It entails being aware of your surroundings, other people, and your intuition. It entails consistently conditioning your body to defend itself. More than just a few martial arts techniques are included. It is an attitude. Security must become routine. It can be very challenging to break a pattern of thinking that is too relaxed about your security if you let yourself fall into it. Jordan uses the example of security alarms that individuals have in their houses but seldom use to illustrate his point. If the gear is not used, it has little effect in deterring burglars.

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