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Andafta Daily Ethiopian News August 6, 2021

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Uplifting news caught wind of the Eritrean outsiders in Ethiopia. Lalibela renowned for its twelfth-century rock-cut holy places is known as a blessed site for a great many Orthodox Christians. The advancement came as a senior Amhara official said the dissidents, known as the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), were pushing “profound” into the Amhara region and indicated conceivable reprisal.

The town fell without a battle, different occupants in the town said on Thursday. “They came in the early evening, and there was no battling. There were no security powers around. The TPLF powers are in the town now,” one occupant said. “The greater part of individuals are passing on the town to the distant regions,” a third occupant said, adding that he was stowing away in his home with his family.

“I accept now, nothing more will be tolerated. Since the TPLF is not anymore in Tigray. TPLF is moving profoundly into Amhara domains,” said Amhara agent lead representative Fanta Mandefro, adding that “We need to safeguard our kin.” Tigray has been wracked by battling since last November. These days, the battling is spreading into Amhara and Afar, another locale lining Tigray.

Ladies stroll before a copied truck close to Dansa, southwest of Mekele in Tigray locale, Ethiopia, on June 20, 2021. The TPLF’s drive into the adjoining areas has evoked worldwide analysis, with the UN also repeating requires all gatherings to end threats.

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