Home News Another good news for Ethiopia

Another good news for Ethiopia

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To gather Shakespeare, is all that just a “story told by a blockhead, stacked with sound and outrage inferring nothing”?

Or then again, is it the empty talk of a bitter grape terrible game? Clearly, Depression just got 2 votes out of 180.

Is Depression talking in code which needs unscrambling?

There is no stirring up what Depression is saying:

Without question. The TEMPLE claims Abiy Ahmed. He will fall in line. We will put him in our ordinary total unique communication and crush him. We’ll encourage him to skip, and his solitary answer will be the way high. We will puppet pro him comparably as Hailemariam Dealing. Do whatever it takes not to get your assumptions up. Nothing will change. We are at this point your ethnic politically-authorized racial isolation experts!

Is Depression blowing smoke isolated, or would he say he was advised to pass on a message by his TOTAL Uber chiefs?

I haven’t the faintest idea, and I couldn’t care less!

I’m skewed to think Depression is mumbling comparable kind of heartfelt things he mumbles in the ears of the prostitutes he invests energy with. Essentially strong and rage amounting to nothing.

Regardless, what is of gigantic delegate importance to me is the path that with Abiy Ahmed at the focal point of consideration, the enormous number of energetic Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Regresses, Es kinder Degas, Annual Armies, Mawkish Ale mus, React Ale mus hence various others all over Ethiopia would now have the option to feel certain and drew in that they could most likely win political office through their own effort, with no plan, in a free and sensible political race and show political drive, including the primeministership.

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