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Another good news heard from Turkey

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The Ethiopians settled on the decision in a meeting they held before the central command of the EU on Thursday in Brussels.

During the event, the demonstrators censured the psychological oppressor TPLF for its outrages submitted in Afar and Maikadra just as the organization of youngster officers for its provocative demonstrations.

They have likewise reprimanded the impedance of a portion of the global-local area by reciting mottos that included “Hands of Ethiopia!” TPLF fear-based oppressor endeavor has carried out atrocities against individuals of Ethiopia by rejecting the truce pronounced by the public authority, they demonstrated.

Demonstrators likewise showed notices portraying the psychological oppressor TPLF’s barbarities in Maikadra and Afar. The meeting was coordinated by the Ethiopian Diaspora Associations in Belgium, as indicated by the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency, as per ENA.

Boss Administrators of Oromia, Gambella and Benishangule Gumuz territorial state met today to examine improvement and security issues. The conversation likewise centered around the increases produced using the joint endeavors of the three locales to manufacture solid ties and further develop security issues in western pieces of the country. In addition, the three boss overseers consented to do joint measures against the fear-based oppressor bunch TPLF, in close cooperation with government powers.

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