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Another Jaal Marroo’s interview on voa

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Jaal Marroo, Wellega, Oromia. Envoy Alemtshay informed the Minister on the causes and goals of the law authorization activity in Tigray and the current status of the compassionate help in the area which is joined by unbound admittance to philanthropic exercises.

She additionally raised the Ethiopia-Sudan line question where the Sudan side has acted opposing the understanding between the two nations to address line debates in discourse utilizing existing instruments.

Priest Adolf Kasaija Mwesige, on his part, reviewed that Ethiopia, through the triumph of Adwa, propelled the freedom battles of numerous Africans from the burden of expansionism. He said the Ethiopian public and government can defeat current difficulties and praised Ethiopia’s endeavors to determine its boundary issue with Sudan calmly.

The different sides have likewise noticed that the two nations are cooperating for harmony and strength in the area through the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). At last, the different sides consented to execute arrangements in the safeguard area which should be reinforced through participation, as indicated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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