Home Politics Araya Tesfamariam unveiled another secret

Araya Tesfamariam unveiled another secret

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Meeting with columnist Araya Tesfamariam On the bogus data spread by allies of the TPLF. The Ethiopian government additionally takes any claims of basic freedoms and wrongdoings amazingly genuinely. That is the reason it acted quickly to attempt the essential examination to confirm those charges and deal with culprits.

It is in this setting that a group made out of agents from the Federal Attorney General and the Federal Police Commission has been sent in the Tigray Region to complete this insightful work.

Also, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has been examining and providing details regarding common freedoms issues, including the Mai Kadra.

The result of these examinations will empower the public authority to deal with the culprits and thoroughly address claimed basic liberties and wrongdoings that have happened in the Tigray district.

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