Are you meeting for marriage or casual dating

It’s no longer possible for a quick text to make you scribble your married name in a notebook and believe that person will be by your side forever. Adults require concrete evidence that they are dating or seeing the right person to wed. Here, our experts share five indicators that a person you’re dating is serious about getting hitched. Constant arguing is not a good sign. However, when you have a disagreement, you are more prepared to say “I do,” as you can both recover and are more understanding of each other’s needs. When one partner exhibits a more primitive fight-or-flight response, couples frequently have problems. You stand a decent chance of surviving difficult times if your partner knows how to remain open and present rather than shut down. At the absolute least, it is a very excellent indicator if they are able to pause the conversation and resume it later. The best medicine, as they say, is laughing. It turns out that making your partner laugh can help a relationship heal and be a solid sign that you’re ready to be married. “It’s not just about having fun” .In a relationship, laughter is an indication that both parties are comfortable being vulnerable with one another.

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