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Artist Abush Zeleke’s message in tears

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Expressions Tv – Artist Abush Zeleke’s message in tears. Abush Zeleke is right now one of the most powerful Oromiffa vocalists, and has ascended to become one of Ethiopias greatest music stars. With hit singles like Maaloo Intaloo, Jaljilo and Anekan, the rock-voiced artist makes his presentation in Coke Studio Africa 2019, combined close by Lourena Nhate (Mozambique), with their music joint efforts delivered by Uganda’s Daddy Andre.

With the arrival of his two collections, Menalali, and Jaljilo; Abush turned into a moment star in Ethiopia. His collection Jaljilo consolidates in excess of six dialects: Kiswahili, Oromiffa, Amharic, Somali, Konso, and Burji, and was delivered finished with music recordings for every melody. A multi-gifted star, Abush coordinates his own music recordings – an enthusiasm that was touched off by a visit to Universal Studios in Hollywood. He has proceeded to open his own studio, known as Rofa, to keep seeking after his fantasy about making films. Abush has visited different nations and is hailed by fans for his beautiful music recordings, which are constantly pointed toward featuring his way of life.

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